7:00AM - 12:00MN,Effective Communication,Friendly,Sunday,Timely

Easy to Communicate

18 Jun , 2017  

Easy to deal with. Called them on Sunday 10:00 AM, made appointment for me at 11.30 AM. Came on time. Encik Hidayat was friendly, helpful & easy to communicate with. I would recommend them.

Jool AntGee | Shah Alam Selangor

Battery Check,Excellent Service,Friendly,Helpful,Punctual,Systematic Assessment Check,Tips Sharing

Very Helpful

18 Jun , 2017  

Excellent service, very punctual, and friendly provided which included a systematic assessment to check the condition of battery before replacing the new one. Also helped to checked on my dad’s car with some good advices. Thank Abang Hidayat.  Will recommend Bateriku.com to all my family and friends.

Nur Rahimi Muhammad | Kuala Lumpur

Bateriku,Deliver Check Install Free,Excellent Service,No mark-up price,Tips Sharing

Tiada harga mark-up

17 Jun , 2017  

Good service. Every service given comes with detailed explanation on how to take care of your battery.  Harga sama sahaja macam beli di kedai. No worries tak dak mark up harga lebih-lebih. Will definitely recommend their service to everyone.

Adi Husni | Kuala Lumpur


Bateriku,Competent,Efficient,Excellent Service,Knowledgeable,Punctual,Systematic Assessment Check

Very Punctual

17 Jun , 2017  

Excellent service, very punctual, and friendly, Abang Dayat dropped by and replaced my car’s faulty battery.  Showed me how to check battery charging status with load and no load in detail.  Very knowledgeable MOTEC. Will sure recommend Bateriku to all my family and friends.

Hanif Hafiz | Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Bateriku,Efficient,Excellent Service,Fast,Knowledgeable,MOTEC

Knowledgeable MOTEC (Mobile Technician)

15 Jun , 2017  

Fast service, excellent,very efficient. Definitely will recommend Bateriku to my family and friends. The technician was very knowledgeable 10/10. TQ Bateriku.

Salwani Mat Roni | Kuala Lumpur

Bateriku,Efficient,Excellent Service,Friendly,Knowledgeable,Reliable,Timely,Tips Sharing

Car Tips Sharing by Shafiq

11 Jun , 2017  

Fast and excellent service! Took the team just 20 mins to arrive and change the battery. Very reliable and kudos to the staff named Syafiq who shared some car tips and was more than happy to answer all my inquiries.

Siti Nadhrah Rhzn | UPM Serdang, Selangor



Friendly and well equipped runner

9 Jun , 2017  

Thanks for assisting me to confirm the weaken battery and changed with new Amaron battery.  Very friendly and well equipped runner.  Will trade again.

Amdante Idham | Batu Pahat, Johor

Alternator Check,Bateriku,Deliver Check Install Free,Fast,Patient,Reasonable charge

Reasonable Charge

8 Jun , 2017  

Great and friendly service provided by Mr Shukri. He checked the condition of my old battery and the rate of alternator before replacing with a new battery. Explanation was given during replacing and after replace, he ensured the new battery in good condition.
Reasonable charge. Highly recommended.

Cyee Ng | Selangor


Alternator Check,Bateriku,Deliver Check Install Free,Efficient,Excellent Service,Friendly,Systematic Assessment Check

Excellent Service

30 May , 2017  

Friendly and excellent service provided which included a systematic assessment to check the condition of my old battery before replacing with a new battery. Also checked the charging rate of the alternator and took the trouble to explain to me in detail what he is doing and why, including the “Dos and Don’ts” when using jumper cables to jump start a car battery. Highly recommended.

Alex Siong | Sarawak works at Shell Berhad Kuala Lumpur

7:00AM - 12:00MN,Awesome Service,Deliver Check Install Free,Efficient,Fast,Night Call,Punctual

Awesome Service – No need to take emergency leave

28 May , 2017  

Awesome service. Car can’t start at night and they just came to fix for me.  Tak payah ambil EL esok to fix. So happy Thank You So Much!

Jane Yew Sze Mun | Selangor

Awesome Service,Bateriku,Battery Check,Better price,Fast,Reliable,Trustworthy

Price is much more better and other places

28 May , 2017  

Awesome services! Fast & trustworthy.  They checked the battery before suggesting,  we need to change the battery.  Price is much more better than other places also. TQ.  Will stick with u guys.

Fairus Zakaria | Selangor

Alternator Check,Bateriku,Battery Check,Clean,Fast,Tips Sharing

Clean and fast service

28 May , 2017  

On time and awesome service. En Saleh check the battery to confirm the battery problem. He also check the alternator. Explanation is given so I can understand the problem. Clean and fast service.

Radin Zatur-Rawihah | Shah Alam, Selangor

Bateriku,Battery Check,Cepat,No charge if battery is still usable

No charge imposed

27 May , 2017  

Bateriku sangat pantas. My car cannot start so I call bateriku, En Anuar datang dalam masa tak sampai 20 min. He checks my batery and find out it is not battery problem. En. Anuar tidak kenakan charge pun. salute!

Masirah Abd Nasir | Putrajaya

Bateriku,Deliver Check Install Free,Excellent Service,Reasonable charge,Timely

They reached me on time

19 May , 2017  

Good service. Battery Kong last night, called to make appointment for early morning next day.  They reached on time to settle my car battery, so I don’t need to take EL to go service shop to settle the battery.  Most important their charge is fair.

Kok Kuang Yu | Kuala Lumpur

Bateriku,Punctual,Timely,Trusted Seller,Trustworthy

Servis tepati masa

2 May , 2017  

Servis  tepati masa.  trusted seller.

Firdaus Latiff | Penang

Best Mobile Battery Service,Deliver Check Install Free,Great Service,Reliable,Your location

They will be exactly at your location

11 Mar , 2017  

Great service given. Even I park my car on level 4 in KSL, the Technician will still enter and service my car.  Best thing is they will first check our battery.  If replacement is confirmed, then they will change it with your permission.

Syarine Ramli | Johor

Best Mobile Battery Service,Murah,No charge if battery is still usable,Servis Bagus,Timely

Bateri sangat bermutu dengan harga sangat berpatutan

20 Dec , 2016  

Terbaik.  Servis sangat-sangat bagus.  Bateri sangat bermutu dengan harga sangat berpatutan.  Thank you bateriku.com.  Call sahaja terus datang.  Sangat sangat on-time.  Kalau tengahari memang sangat memerlukan bila ada problem bateri.  Dia boleh datang, tak ada cas, FREE.

Nurul Syafika Senin | Johor

Awesome Service,Bateriku,Malam,Reasonable price

Waktu malam

2 Nov , 2016  

Servis terbaik dengan harga berpatutan walaupun pada waktu malam.

Rozaidah ALIAS | Johor Bahru, Johor


Detail Cepat dan berkualiti

15 Jun , 2016  

Cuma nak cakap, servis yang disediakan oleh Bateriku.com ini amat detail, cepat dan bekualiti.

Bandot Pasco | Johor

Bateriku,Deliver Check Install Free,Efficient

Super Effiecient

17 Oct , 2015  

The service was excellent! Super efficient! Affordable price! Can’t say enough good things and I’m for sure would recommend this to my friends. Thanks so much to Yazid, a very friendly guy and professional.  Satisfied with the overall service. Keep up the good work!

Suria Atika | Kuala Lumpur

Bateriku,Competent,Deliver Check Install Free,Fast,Friendly

They will come to your location

17 Oct , 2015  

I’ve done my ‘research’ on car battery delivery providers around Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor and I can assure you, this is the cheapest price available with no surcharge!  You can call on toll free line or just whatsapp Bateriku.com and they will come to your place anytime except after 12:00 pm.  Servis terbaik, staff pun kompeten, pantas, cekap dan mesra.  Pujian untuk staff Bateriku.com yang bernama Din.  Terima kasih Bateriku.com.

Mohd Nur Hakim | Selangor