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They will be exactly at your location

11 Mar , 2017  

Great service given. Even I park my car on level 4 in KSL, the Technician will still enter and service my car.  Best thing is they will first check our battery.  If replacement is confirmed, then they will change it with your permission.

Syarine Ramli | Johor

Best Mobile Battery Service,Murah,No charge if battery is still usable,Servis Bagus,Timely

Bateri sangat bermutu dengan harga sangat berpatutan

20 Dec , 2016  

Terbaik.  Servis sangat-sangat bagus.  Bateri sangat bermutu dengan harga sangat berpatutan.  Thank you  Call sahaja terus datang.  Sangat sangat on-time.  Kalau tengahari memang sangat memerlukan bila ada problem bateri.  Dia boleh datang, tak ada cas, FREE.

Nurul Syafika Senin | Johor

Best Mobile Battery Service,Deliver Check Install Free,Reasonable charge,Reliable

Best Mobile Battery Service Around

10 Aug , 2015  

Service is excellent. The message was responded quickly. My battery ‘kong’ out. I called service centre and spare part shops to get better price. They quoted between RM220 to RM350 and I had to trade my old battery. offered a brand new Century battery under RM200.00. I agreed on the offer. It was new battery with one year warranty. Warranty card is also provided. Price is inclusive of free delivery and installation on the spot. It’s easy and highly recommended for all car drivers out there. is the best Mobile Battery Service around.

Naufal Noori | Kuala Lumpur